Volante Farms

Volante Farm

Last week, me and my gal went to check out a local farm, Volante Farms in Needham, Massachusetts. This place was everything you would want and expect from a local farm. You walk in and immediately to the right you have your deli where you can order sandwiches and dine in if you so desire. They, of course, had a section for their homemade baked goods which was followed up by their fresh produce.

Next up, the greenhouse! They had that place filled with bright colored annual and perennials. They didn’t have a large selection of succulents and houseplants, but they had a solid variety of garden plants. Including a few fruit bunches.

My absolute favorite part, the actual farm. You could see the trucks, the farmers and all the plotted land. I wish I could have gotten out there and helped! Sure, I say that now, but I’d be hurtin’ the next day.

Go check this place out!