the BEST string of pearls


Close to my apartment is a magical road named Brattle Street. This street sits right outside of the Harvard Campus which just adds more charm. The entire street has the most charming stores, coffee shops, vintage jewelry and Anthropologie (don’t lie, we all know this matters).

In addition to Anthropologie there is a darling plant shop that I just adore. Naturally, they go by “Brattle Square Florist”. This family ran florist shop has some of the best looking 10 inch succulents. Well my friends, this is where I got my second string of pearls!

I started talking with the cutie shop owner about how I had already killed my first string of pearls plant and she so graciously gave me tips.

  1. They don’t love water – I have not watered mine yet (20 days) and she still looks great. The compromise tends to be 3-4 weeks, drench, dry out, repeat.
  2. Do not take them out of their container – she mentioned that their roots do not like to be disturbed so it’s best to keep the plant in the container it came in and just place it in a planter. I previously made this mistake. 
  3. Keep away from drafty windows, they do not handle the cold well. This rule tends to work for most succulents.