Yoga on Spectacle Island

Has anyone else been practicing yoga for over two years and STILL cannot do crow? Yeah, yup, that is me. With that being said, I still really enjoy yoga.

Last weekend I grabbed my gal Lauren, and went to yoga on Spectacle Island (20 minutes ferry ride from Boston)! Well, it was more like, Lauren grabbed me but who’s counting anyways. The best part about the island, the quietness. You immediately feel the calmness and serenity that being away from the city has to offer. Which is exactly what I was looking for to start my Saturday morning. We had a few minutes before and after our practice to check out the Boston harbor views, ocean (you can go into the water) and the beautiful florals.


What do you need?

  1. Ferry Ticket to get to Spectacle Island
  2. EventBrite Ticket for Yoga
  3. Yoga mat – I use a Manduka, they are great for peeps who slide around a lot, keeps ya in place.
  4. Don’t forget to bring money for a ferry ride treat on the way back! I picked beer.